Training Course in Lisbon

logoSpecial Education Centre (KENTRO EIDIKI PAIDEIA) represented in the European Training “Let’s Play Together”, that occurred in Portugal between 6 to 10 of November 2015, this training involve 30 participants from different countries (Portugal, Romania, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Cyprus, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece and Estonia). This international Training is part of the Erasmus + program, funded by the European Commission.

The training “Let’s Play Together” main objectives were the promotion of sport activity adapted to people with disabilities and physical/sensory and/or mental disabilities.

During this project participants had the opportunity to live various experiments and have direct contact with this target group, which facilitated real knowledge of their differences and similarities, using sport as an integration tool, spreading the image of a right for all.

More than a direct exposure of specific sports activities adapted to people with disabilities, it aims to celebrate the diversity of the disability approach in the various partner countries.

This training had as a target youth workers with or without experience working with youth with disabilities; there were participants involve with ages between 19 and 75 years old.

The participants of this training had the opportunity to contact with young Portuguese practitioners of those sports and attend to several reflections, workshops, group dynamics and sports like Boccia, Slalom, Volleyball, Athletics and Goalball.

Each group had the chance to talk about the work already done by their own organization and to give their perspective about the opportunities that the disable person has to practice sport in their countries.

This opportunity gave the participants to acquired more knowledge about reality of adapted sports in their countries and gave them instruments to sensitize local authorities to support initiatives of this scope.

This initiative aims the personal and social recovery of young people with disabilities, increasing their self-esteem and motivation to encourage other young people with disabilities to play sport as a way to improve their quality of life and well-being.