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“EIDIKI PAIDIA” CENTRE is a Day Care Center for mentally disabled persons. It was established on 1994 and since 2004 was moved to a new and hospitable place that offers all the necessary space and comforts for daily activities.

new European Award Winners: Our “Special Education” Centre was chosen as the best among the programs carried out in Greece in the youth field of the “Youth in Action” EU Program. The awarded EVS project started on September 3rd, 2013 till June 3rd, 2014. The awards ceremony took place in Brussels during the European Youth Week (EUROPEAN YOUTH WEEK, 5-8 May 2015) and our Center was represented by the Director of the Centre Mrs Alexandra Zantali and one of the volunteers Mrs. Magda Rutkowska-Łukasiewicz. The award was given by Ms. Joanna Nyman, President of the European Youth Forum. Read the article here

Working environment

The working place is located 3km far from Levadia city, capital of Viotia Prefecture. The working place is divided into 3 large rooms and an office. The Day Care Center is attached to the Chronically Diseases Infirmary building of the Holy Metropolis of Thiva & Levadia. Two rooms are used as activities playrooms and the third is the rest room. Rooms facing the NW side and there is direct access to the backyard.

The Center operates same as school timetable from 08:00 to 15:00 weekdays only. Activities finish everyday at 14:00 and there is administration work until 15:00. There are 2 official school holidays that the Day Care Center is not operating; during Christmas school holidays and during Greek Orthodox Easter school holidays. Half of these Holidays are counted official day-offs, unless agreed otherwise.


Volunteers accommodation is organized in a multi-room rented apartment (1 person per room), with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, hallway, common sitting room located in Levadia city.

Food is provided at the Center’s facilities cooked by professional cooks, for everyday and a food allowance is given for breakfast and extra food upon receipt.

Volunteers’ tasks

The proposed voluntary services in the Day Care Center for retarded persons include:

a) voluntary service with creative activities for the retarded persons such as handicrafts, painting, music, pottery, constructions, energizing games, table games, gardening, physical education, free time entertainment and accompanying them to their local transportations.

b) voluntary service on planning, organizing and implementing youth activities with similar youngsters from abroad in the frame of various European and World programmes for the creation of networks of voluntary organizations. Maintenance of the Center’s web-page, design of a leaflet and organize an information/dissemination event for publicity. Willing to prepare and organize an international youth exchanges with other similar groups from abroad.

So we are looking for volunteers that are:

  • 18-30 years old;
  • capable to create activities with simple materials by using their hands;
  • skilled to provide physical education activities;
  • open minded, in basics self-independent, responsible and with a strong motivation for international youth work and intercultural communication with mentally disabled persons;
  • capable to help in preparing international youth exchanges and activities;
  • motivated to learn basic Greek phrases in a short time;
  • playing an musical instrument which will be mostly appreciated;
  • interested in mental-health and (ideally) some experience/qualifications related to disability.;
  • able to communicate in English.

Learning opportunities

Volunteers will learn how to apply practical techniques for all mentioned works and will acquire and share knowledge and skills in social services.

The role of volunteers is important because they will add important value to the activities of our Day Care Center, due to the new perspectives and opinions offered to our specialized personnel and apply to their daily tasks, while at the same time they learn new things by directly acquiring dexterities that will be recorded in the Youthpass at the end of their service. Moreover they will increase our knowledge, understanding and potential partners within the region the volunteer comes from. We are willing to host two international volunteers.


This project seeks funding by the EU ERASMUS+ Programme – European Voluntary Service and according to the rules accommodation and food will be provided by the organizers along with one return ticket according to the travel costs on the Guide of ERAMUS+ Programme. There is also pocket money allowance for the volunteer per month.

Hosting & Coordinating Organization:


Tzimeika, Levadia



contact us: here


In our Centre we are hosting volunteers from abroad with the support of the “Youth in Action” European Programme sub-action European Voluntary Service(EVS).

We hosted for the academic year 2012-2013 2 volunteers from Portugal. For the academic year 2013-2014 we hosted 2 volunteers, one from Poland and one from Spain.

European Programme. The aim of European Voluntary Service is to support the participation of young persons in various voluntary activities, inside but also outside the borders of European Union.


Ours volunteers

Ana2_smallCristiana_smallThis video below presents all the activities that were realized during their EVS and also presented in the final event.

Our volunteers

volunteersThis is the video prepared for the final event with all their activities and experience in their long term EVS in our Center.

Our volunteers

sonia_dianaA few days just before the completion of the European Voluntary Service program (EVS) our volunteers Sonia and Diana presented the activities and their experiences in a beautiful event organized by our Center for publicizing this action and say good bye to them.

The event included the presentation of the EVS program by the Director of the Centre Ms. Zantali, a broadcast of the video with the highlights of the volunteers experiences, a brief speech by the volunteers in greek, live music with Greek and Italian songs and finally the speech of the President of our Centre Metropolitan of Thebes and Livadia Georgios. Lunch to all guest was offered to the garden.

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