• March Bracelets

    NAME March Bracelets DESCRIPTION Today we created traditional March bracelets using red and white threat and pearls. MATERIALS Beads, Thread

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  • Tsiknopembti

    NAME Tsiknopembti DESCRIPTION Today we celebrated the beginning of the carnival season with a party and a traditional meal for

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  • Art Lesson

    NAME Art lesson DESCRIPTION We learnt about colour theory and got to set our knowledge about colours into practice.

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  • Kitchen Workshop

    NAME Kitchen Workshop DESCRIPTION As every Friday, two of the users prepare a meal. On this occasion it was pizza

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  • Art As Therapy

    NAME Art as therapy DESCRIPTION Kiria Cristina will be responsible for carrying out this workshop. In the different sessions, we

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  • Carnival Masks

    NAME Carnival Masks DESCRIPTION Due to the proximity of the carnival, Kiria Angela proposed that we make masks from our

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  • Small Excursion

    NAME Small Excursion DESCRIPTION Taking advantage of the good weather, we went for a walk around.

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  • Learning English

    NAME Learning English DESCRIPTION With one of the users, we were practicing English and learning new vocabulary.

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  • Arrives Το Καρναβάλι

    NAME Arrives το καρναβάλι DESCRIPTION All the users decorated the main rooms with carnival decorations. MATERIALS carnival garlands, ornaments

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  • Εφημερίδες

    NAME εφημερίδες DESCRIPTION As every Monday, one of the users brought different newspapers and they read and commented the news.

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