• Visit To The City

    NAME Visit to the city DESCRIPTION Today we visited the christmas bazar of a school in Livadia, later that day

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  • Visitors

    NAME Visitors DESCRIPTION Today we were visited by a group of students from Gymnasium and the bishop. Some of the

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  • Goalball

    NAME Goalball DESCRIPTION Today we visited an event where we saw the Greek national goalball team.

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  • Finger Dolls

    NAME Finger Dolls DESCRIPTION As every tuesday we spent the mornign ceating our very own finger dolls with a professional.

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  • Christmas Cards

    NAME Christmas Cards DESCRIPTION Today we designed and decorated christmas cards for our families. MATERIALS (coloured) paper, scissors, glue, buttons,

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  • Preparation For Bazaar

    NAME Preparation for bazaar DESCRIPTION The last week we did the final preparation for the Christmas bazaar.

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  • Rehearsing The Play

    Today we have rehearsed the play

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  • Made Puppets

    NAME made puppets DESCRIPTION Today we made puppets

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  • The Christmas Tree

    NAME The Christmas tree DESCRIPTION Today we decorated the Christmas tree

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  • Call TENDER3 sub

    ERASMUS+ – European Voluntary Service Project name: “TENDER3” Project optional dates 1) December 2nd, 2018 till June 30th, 2019 (7

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